Help the Good Shepherd Foundation find a treatment and cure for pet eye damage from fire ants.  Please fill in the "Fire Ant" Eye Survey  and send us pictures of all your pets who have this problem. We would like to identify where "Fire Ant" Eye cases are cropping up, and compare that with the spread of the Little Fire Ants.   We also may contact you in the future so we can give you the latest information.  

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thousands of animals in hawaii are now suffering from partial BLINDNESS with no known cause or cure  

Animal care in Hawaii now requires dealing with a new cause of blindness.  The condition is called tropical keratopathy and is found in tropical and semi-tropical places, especially where there are Little Fire Ants (LFA).  We suggest calling this "Fire Ant" Eye.

While there is strong circumstantial evidence showing that “Fire Ant” Eye occurs where there are LFA, there has been no observation of LFA actually stinging animals' eyes and causing this cloudiness.

Fire Ant Eye Tropical Keratopathy Cure

According to local veterinarians, anywhere from 50% to 90% of animals being seen for any problem also have "Fire Ant" Eye.  

Unfortunately, there is no treatment or cure for "Fire Ant" Eye tropical keratopathy. Hawaii veterinarians are as frustrated as pet owners in trying to find a way to prevent and cure this pet eye problem.  

hawaii's "fire ant" eye epidemic

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